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About Our Eau Claire, Wisconsin Transmission Supply & Service Center

Many repair shops refer their customers to us. We encourage you to ask around town. We never know until we look at it and drive it what it will take to fix your vehicle. About 50% of the vehicles we see do not need major repairs. We use the phones to make appointments, not estimates.

Our History

In February 1983, Transmission Supply began doing wholesale transmission work for automotive service businesses. Growth was rapid and in 1985 we moved to a location which served our needs for 14 years. We expanded our transmission services to do complete automatic driveline work for wholesale and retail customers. The name became Transmission Supply & Service, Inc. By 1989 we were using a shop management computer program allowing us to handle the additional business volume and be consistent with inventory and pricing of our transmission and driveline services.

In October, 1999 we built a new 9,000 sq. ft. facility on Hwy 93, just off I-94 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, expanding to five hoists and a larger parts and office area. Now with more service stalls and heavier hoists we can safely handle a variety of vehicles. We also added storage room for vehicles, transmissions and snowplows. Another expansion was the transmission rebuilder area, allowing our technicians larger benches and more surface area to work with, making our shop as efficient as possible. The waiting room and counter area is large and comfortable for customers and employees.

The owner of Transmission Supply & Service, Inc. is Jay Harz.

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